Good partnership with a horse is showing leadership in such a positive way, they work for you by choice.

At Infinity Farm, we believe that every horse benefits from dressage and that every horse can love his work. We train horse and rider using the time-honored principles of classical dressage combined with natural horsemanship – learning to speak the language of the horse.

Our name, Infinity Farm, means exploring the endless possibilities of the horse/human relationship. We believe you don’t have to own a fancy horse to be an elegant, effective, even elite rider. You can continually grow as a rider and your horse can grow in strength and understanding — as you both work together with sensitivity, relaxation and grace.

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Imagination and Possibility
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EQUINE GASTRIC ULCER SYNDROME. I have posted a series of articles on EGUS on my Article Page.

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"I had the privilege of riding both of Anna's upper-level dressage horses for years. Each was a breed not usually seen as suitable for dressage, but because of Anna's training ability and dedication, they both mastered 4th level and above. They were a joy to ride, because they loved their work. I often watch Anna work with her students, uncovering the hidden talents of rider and horse, giving them confidence, bringing out the best in each, making sure there is enjoyment and satisfaction in every ride. She takes time to explain the "whys" as well as the "hows." It's been fun to watch these riders and horses of all ages and skill levels improve over the months and years as they work with Anna. Everyone should enjoy her horse, and you can't help but do that when you ride with Anna." - Lisa Crispin

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